If you have heard about the current Bulgarian property boom then you might be wondering is this just a seasonal profit making venture or an all year round strong investment.

Even in wintertime,Guest Posting Bulgarian properties are The Myst Condo Showflat still selling at a furious rate which most property experts predicated would never happen and claimed the Bulgarian property market is only governed by summer month sales.

Why is the Bulgarian Property Market still so strong?

The one and only reason for this is that everyone wants to buy a cheap Bulgarian property before they enter the European Union in February 2007. Historically all countries that have entered into the EU have witnessed extraordinary property price rises and everyone is buying cheap property before it’s too late.

If you have not heard about how cheap Bulgarian property is then I will highlight for you now the amazing potential profits that can be made for a small outlay.

Cheap Bulgarian Property Prices:

Bulgarian Property can still be snapped up for as little as £3000 in some areas, this will buy you a medium sized, two – three bedroom bungalow or chalet style property. This price is reflected in the requirement for some minor finishing works needed but by utilising the cheap Bulgarian supplies and building labour market can be achieved for as little as £2000.

What sort of Profits can be made?

With your initial outlay for as little as £5000, you can either keep this property as a second home or rent this property out to tourists or Bulgarian families which can yield a great rental income potential for your future. If you would prefer to make a fast profit then putting the finished property straight back on the market and selling to UK / Irish property investors for a minimum of £40,000 can be easily acheived in less than six months from start to finish.

You may think that a minimum £40,000 from a £5,000 investment is not the truth, if you wanted to invest in a property abroad, is £40,000 too much money when average property prices in the UK is now £120,000.

If you consider that Bulgarian people cannot afford to purchase property at this moment in time, the market then holds unbelievable profitable potential which could secure or even pay off your own mortgage in less than a year.

How can that be achieved?

Try buying three Properties, £15,000 invested including some minor renovation work and sell all three on the open market, in less than a year you could of made £100,000 plus.

In 2007 the Bulgarian national bank are offering all Bulgarian people for the first time in their history the right to apply for mortgages which will also make a significant impact on the Bulgarian Property Market with millions of people wanting to suddenly buy property.

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